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Dear relatives,

Welcome to the Long Family History website.  This site was started with the research and expertise of Suzanne Long O’Rourke and her husband John O’Rourke.  I have aided them in setting up the visual layout for these web pages.  Suzanne’s original Long Family tree documentation was on her site at Ancestry.com.  This information was used in the Descendancy Chart found here.  Please contact Suzanne promptly if you plan to attend the family reunion next May in Hillsborough, North Carolina (see Invitation page) as 2015 will soon be here.  Looking forward to seeing all of my cousins.


George Long of Irvine, California

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  1. Dear Long Family,

    I am writing to verify whether and how I am descended from Augustus White Long. My name is Shelley Catherine Clarke and I am the daughter of Philip Safford Clarke, III of Monroe, North Carolina who died in May 2016. He was the son of Catherine Long Hill of Walpole, New Hampshire and grew up in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. He possessed a copy of “Son of Carolina”, and told me that we are related to Augustus White Long. Looking at the dates of Augustus White Long’s birth and death on your website (1862-1947), and knowing that my father was born in ca. 1931, I wonder whether my father could have been his grandson? If so, what would be the connection between Augustus White Long and Catherine (Kate) Long Hill?

    Interestingly, although I grew up in Maine, I am a graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. You can read more about me on my website: http://www.sasama.info

    I look forward to hearing from you!


  2. Bill Pavao says:


    I really appreciate your website. I am also a direct descendant of George Long. My basic ancestry looks as follows:
    gggg- grandparents: Charles Long (shoemaker) m. Elizabeth Self in Orange Co., NC
    ggg-grandparents: Charles Thomas Long m. Dicey Sparrow in Orange Co., NC
    gg-grandparents: Carrie Elizabeth Long m. Walter C. Lloyd in Orange Co., NC
    g-grandparents: Nellie Lloyd m. James Raynor in Orange Co., NC

    I was very close to my great-grandmother, Nellie Lloyd Raynor. She passed away when I was 24 years old and had many keen memories of her grandfather, Charles Thomas Long.

    I would very much like to join your organization if possible and perhaps help in any way I can.

    Thank you!
    Bill Pavao

  3. Leslie Gibbs says:

    Hi George and Suzanne,

    I am also a direct descendant of George Long. My mother’s first cousin was Eytive Long Evans. I am a member of the National Society of the Colonial Dames in NC. My ancestor for membership was Nathaniel Abney. My son is very interested in becoming a member of The Society of The Cincinnati. Even though Nathaniel is listed as serving as a Captain in the 3rd SC Rangers starting in June 1775, there is no end date and would have to be proven he served 3 years as an officer in the Continental Army, even though he is listed in Heitman’s book as an officer. Being in the Militia is not a criteria for membership in the Society. I tried looking up George’s record by his DAR number but got no results. By any chance was he an officer in the Continental Army? In Eytive’s book on the Long Family History there is mention of a Lieutenant William Abney who would be eligible, but I have no clue if he would be a direct ancestor. If you have any information that may be useful, I would be deeply appreciative. Cousin Leslie

  4. Sue Green Brakenhoff says:

    My name is Sue Brakenhoff in Litchfield, Illinois, My Great Grandmother was Margaret Long born in Maury county , Tenn. daughter of James Wire Long and granddaughter of Ware Long 1785 to 1877 in North Carolina Ware Long’s 8 sons all fought in
    Revolutionary War and son Daniel Long was known as Terror of the Redcoats. Daniel and his brother Christopher were both within 30 feet of Cornwalliis’s surrender to George Washington. These families were quite large. These Long families are of the Wiltshire families in England and huge land owners for over 500 years.We have ancestries back to Robert I le Long descendant from the dePreaux in Normandy,France.

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