Let us know you Exist!

We need your help to identify and cultivate the various Long Family Descendant Lines. Please go to the Home Page and Identify who your OLDEST Ancestor is under George Long.  This will help us to start building out individual Family Lines that you can then focus your interest in.  If you have the contact details for any Long Family descendants, please share this website with them and let’s get them on board.

It is amazing how sometimes just a little clue can fill in a lot of gray area in our communal history.

Looking forward to you joining the blog.  Please write ALL Comments below in the Comments.

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  1. Aloha from Maui Hawaii!

    My name is Carmen Gardner (Estes). I am an artist and teacher here in Hawaii.
    My great g-mother was Mattie B. Long. Her father was James Michael Long. His father was William L. Long. His father was George Long III, 1755-1810. Am I correct that this is the line to the Revolutionary War patriot? I have been trying to prove several lines from my Estes ancestors to the patriots in the family and this seems the most clear. I have wanted to establish my DAR roots since I began searching for my bio father’s ancestors a couple of years ago. Prior to this search I had NO CLUE as to that side of my heritage, suffice to say I am honored by my discoveries and pray you can assist me in my journey. I hope I have found an extended family in you folks, as well! PS an alternate email address is MauiArtist@CarmenGardner.net

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