Are we related to Peregrine White and the Mayflower pilgrims?

Tall-ShipThere has long been a family legend that the Longs that were descendants of Zoa White Long, where then descendants of Peregrine White, the only baby that was born on the Mayflower and survived.  He arrived with his widowed Mother and older brother.

When I applied to the Mayflower Society to link our families, the application was rejected that our Ancestor Ensign Mark White ( supposed Son of Peregrine White Jr.) was not a direct descendant.

Janet Harding kindly provided some arguments Pro & Con on this controversial topic.

Read thru and let us know what you think?  If you are interested in helping the research on this topic, I am sure we can assemble a family team to work together with the end goal of joining the Mayflower Society or not.

I just found this using google :  Ensign Mark White

Pro Argument -Re: Ens. Mark White, son of Peregrine, Jr. ???

New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: A Record of the …, Volume 3

edited by William Richard Cutter

Ancestral chronological record of the William White family, from 1607-8 to 1895

By Thomas White, Samuel White

Con Argument-Re: Ens. Mark White, son of Peregrine, Jr. ???

Devin Timber website

What do you think and are you willing to help research this fascinating Ancestrial Link?  Would love your involvement so we can solve this mystery to the Mayflower Society.


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