Cousin Kevin -THANK YOU!

I wanted to give a GIANT THANK YOU to my Cousin Kevin Long in Elk Grove, California.  Kevin offered numerous times to pay the $300 Annual Renewal of our Ancestry Account.  I was going to suspend it due to budget restrictions.  Finally Kevin’s reassurances that he wanted to do this made me feel comfortable about accepting this gift.  The timing is fantastic, as I am receiving more emails and documents and input then ever before, so entry  of these items is key to sharing them and the preservation of them.

THANK YOU KEVIN!  Your generosity really touched me and will ripple out to untold others that benefit from the growth of our knowledge about our family.

The latest version of Ancestry was just released and with it some powerful new tools that will help us all in understanding our family members and lines.

THANK YOU KEVIN for being you, caring, generous and your continued interest and support.

Kevin is the Son of Phil & Fern Long Jr., part of the Thomas Anderson Long line.

If you would like Guest access to the Long Family Tree, just let me know and send me your email.  I’ll be happy to send you an Invite to be able to view everything.

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